Sunday, January 14, 2007

Other Suggestions, Inquiries, and Wishlists

You may go ahead and tell us about your concerns on improving your software development processes, product quality, and efficiency. Just anything that you think OTK Web Solutions may be able to help. Post them here by submitting your comments to this blog entry.

Have a great day!

OTK Support Team


Anonymous said...

I'm getting an error on install that the setup cannot find OTDCustomDBInstaller.InstallState. Please let me know what I'm mising. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the late reply. Our team has been outsourced to provide consultation services to another software provider in our country. Therefore, we are sorry to inform you that we may not provide prompt support for the moment. Glad that you have found the solution. Thank you.

Your reply On 6/28/07:
Never mind. I know what's wrong