Saturday, January 6, 2007

OTK Custom DBInstaller 1.0 User Feedback

You may post your comments on OTK Custom DBInstaller version 1.0 on this blog. We will see what we can do to answer your questions and improve our products.

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OTK Support Team


Anonymous said...

How about uninstalling the database? I notice that after unistalling my application, the database still remain there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your feedback. We are in the middle of incorporating this feature in our next version. However, providing feature to uinstall application database is rather risky. We have to make sure that we provide sufficient options that allow the users or developers to handle this uninstallation process with care, such as providing an option to backup before uninstall or just merely detach it from the database server.

On the other hand, leaving the application database on the server may give an advantage to preserve user's data since the first innstallation. Losing user's data may lead to big liability to a software vendor.

Anyway, if unistalling your application database is vital to you, you may, as a temporary solution, manually detach it from SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

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Thank you.